Case of the Runner Downs

I’ve got a case of the runner downs like ‘woah’ right now.  Ironically enough, two of my never miss their post bloggers,  and, neither of whom I know but would love to run with, recently wrote about the same things I’ve been thinking about this week….motivation through what I call the Runner Downs.

Runner downs = knowing you love running but either not enjoying it or having a hard time being positive about the obstacles (which are always changing in this sport)

PT work and exercising has pretty much been at a stop since Monday.  Granted I was told every other day on the PT work IF I am doing other exercising.  The aim is to keep the hips and legs moving to gain back the strength and flexibility.  But I gotta say, work this week has been brutal and the change in weather always makes me nutty as my allergies make for a rough few weeks at the start of any season. Excuses.  I know.

But I feel like I’ve lost my mojo.  Maybe it’s being out of running for so long now or maybe it’s just the week I’m having.  Yet after reading Lauren and Liz’s posts I feel better that I’m not alone in going through the runner downs.

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  1. says:

    Even if you have, for the time being, lost your mojo; you’ll get it back! I keep thinking I want to try running and just cannot get in to it. After this baby comes I’m going to work on the C25K program to work in to it slowly so that I can hopefully enjoy it and lose some baby weight in the process. Take your time, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll be in love again before you know it!
    Love you!

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