Case of the Runner Downs

I’ve got a case of the runner downs like ‘woah’ right now.  Ironically enough, two of my never miss their post bloggers,  and, neither of whom I know but would love to run with, recently wrote about the same things I’ve been thinking about this week….motivation through what I call the Runner Downs.

Runner downs = knowing you love running but either not enjoying it or having a hard time being positive about the obstacles (which are always changing in this sport)

PT work and exercising has pretty much been at a stop since Monday.  Granted I was told every other day on the PT work IF I am doing other exercising.  The aim is to keep the hips and legs moving to gain back the strength and flexibility.  But I gotta say, work this week has been brutal and the change in weather always makes me nutty as my allergies make for a rough few weeks at the start of any season. Excuses.  I know.

But I feel like I’ve lost my mojo.  Maybe it’s being out of running for so long now or maybe it’s just the week I’m having.  Yet after reading Lauren and Liz’s posts I feel better that I’m not alone in going through the runner downs.

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Yesterday I strutted into PT thinking I’d get more improvement pats on the back. WRONG.  The deep tissue massage didn’t hurt where it originally hurt.  But in another place.  Basically the anterior of the muscle was the original place of pain but now I have pain in the posterior part of the muscle.  Realistically both parts of the muscle were shot I just didn’t have as much pain in the posterior part.  But don’t worry, Kristy found it yesterday.  To the point I was crying like a kid who lost their ice cream off the cone kind of crying.  I cried because it hurt and I cried because I feel like it’s backwards progress.

Then I spent the rest of the day at work in pain.  Which made for a lousy day.

Positively though, I am now running 3 min. and walking 1 min. for 20 min.  No, it doesn’t add but to 20 min.  but Kristy told me to not take it so literal. ha ha  Apparently she hasn’t quite figured me out personality wise.

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I have PT this AM so I get to have a late start today…AWESOME.  Yes, I love early morning however any day I can lounge around before going to work is considered a WIN.

Tried out some this AM.  They are actually pretty good.  I need to fiddle with the toaster to get them as toasty as I like but I’d buy them again.

I had a $1.00 off coupon so why not!?

I tried one with with a banana and a little sprinkle of cinnamon.  It was a little overkill for the waffle, but now I know.  On my other waffle I had a with just butter, much better.

Not a bad cloudy day Monday breakfast

Like I said, just a little crisper and I think I’d be alright.  The flavor was fine.  I normally don’t really like flavored waffles, but these were fine.  I’d like to try out their original ones, I’d probably like those better.

PT with Kristy today.  I also kind of feel anxious about going, but I was just there Wednesday and got good news so I am feeling pretty confident that I will still have forward progress.  Plus she’s running the this weekend so I’m excited to wish her good luck.

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Pretty un-running related, but don’t worry there is some running here…

  • Stopping on a road trip at an apple orchard even though it was raining misting pretty heavily out.  I bought some apples and fawned over all the doggies that were out.

Honey Crisp Apple...nom nom nom.

  • Getting lost but seeing a road race then rolling down the window and hanging out to cheer for the runners.  I know what it feels like to be running in cold rain and needing to hear people cheering.  It just makes you feel good.  I even got a little teary eyed. I miss running. I miss racing. But was happy to get to cheer for some fellow runners.
  • Having linner (like brunch but lunch and dinner) at a throwback seafood restaurant on the water in Maine. Yah, I think it’s weird too that I can go to Maine in a day from Boston and weirder yet it takes only an hour and a half.  The east coast is weird.
  • Seeing the following sign on a small motorhome thingy “I maybe slow but can you eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom in your car”  And driving said vehicle was an old lady who must have forgot to put in her false teeth.  Had I not been laughing so hard I totally would have snapped a photo.
  • Making homemade French Onion soup in my P. Manning jersey.  Yes, it’s silly but my soup sure does taste good!  Add in a caesar salad and lunch time is going to rock this week!

I know I'm short.

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That title should be said in a Mr. Burns way…(I know, weird. But I like pop culture references.)

Because I am so awesome at PT I get to start a walk/run program.  HOORAY!  Granted it’s only 20 minutes 3 days a week, but still I’m progressing.  And I can feel the progression.  My deep tissue massage is nowhere as painful as it use to be.  Kristy and her PT plan for the WIN.

I went to an awesome spinning class last night at the Govt. Center BSC.  I am most certain that my bike was adjusted wrong, stupid me for not speaking up and asking the instructor for help but it was a good anyhow.  The instructor was easy on the eyes and he played a bipolar mix of music (i.e. Pearl Jam mashup followed by a pop mashup that was heavy with Jessica Simpson) but he was a good pusher.  I mean, that’s why we attend classes to be pushed and if you don’t push yourself you mise well be doing a workout on your own.

That said…

I challenge everyone to go out and push yourself today…let’s do this!

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Kristy, my PT, said I could start slow short runs whenever I felt comfortable…I’ve been trying once a week with little success.  However, this AM I managed a mile run with minor pain.  I am hoping when I go to PT tomorrow she’ll tell me to keep doing them, maybe 3 mi. a week for now but there is no telling.  Half of what you read says don’t run on any pain and the other half says mild pain is okay.  So I don’t know, I’ll consult with Kristy.  I trust her. I know she can see how anxious I am to get back and to remain healthy. She’s a runner and ‘gets it’ so I know she won’t let me push it.

But, Today…a victory is a victory.

You tell me, do you run with ‘minor’ pain or does pain put you on the side line?

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Simply. WOW.

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Want to be inspired?  Read  post about completing her first marathon yesterday.  I want to run a marathon some day and like every runner out there I want to run Boston.  I’m by no means foolish enough to think that Boston will be my first marathon, but I am foolish enough to say that if it isn’t my first marathon I will be running more than one marathon.

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Anyone who is in the running world knows .  It’s an online sports community that also happens to also be used by a ton of different race organizers to do online registrations.  I don’t use the online community aspect all that much but I do get their newsletters sent via email that I’d say 80% of them I delete as they don’t always have articles I am interested in.  However, this AM there was an article entitled . I was leery as the trend of being on a gluten-free diet annoys me. Yes you could argue that the more awareness there is the better it is for the gluten-free community but I just wish the trendy people would realize there are people who aren’t gluten-free by choice and running around crediting their gluten-free diet for weight loss is wreckless.  It’s hard to be gluten-free, an athlete, and healthy…heck its hard just to be gluten-free and healthy.  But this article did an alright job.  I don’t know that it is super informational, but I think it’s a good basic article for people who are curious and it’s a good jumping point to do more research.  I was surprised.

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Head over to for a chance to win some wear.  New to me, but I like what I see…

My favorite…

It says "Mile After Mile" repeated obviously

The back says "a million miles from reality"

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